Oregon Bicycle Laws

Do You Ride A Bicycle In Oregon?  Do You Ever Have Questions About Your Rights And Responsibilities Under Oregon Law Relating To Bicycle Riding?

Here You Will Find Links to Relevant Oregon Bicycle Laws  These are notes and excerpts only, please see the full statute for more details.  This is not a complete list of Oregon Bicycle laws but is meant as a general guide only.  If you have specific questions contact an Oregon licensed attorney or law enforcement official.

Please note that traffic laws generally apply to bicycles in the same was as to motor vehicles.  Below is a selection of some of the laws that specifically mention bicycles.  Click on the Blue link to see the text of the laws that are listed below the link.

Oregon Revised Statutes Chapter 801

  • 801.026  Bicycles are Generally subject to the vehicle code
  • 801.150  Definition of Bicycle
  • 801.155  Definition of Bicycle Lane
  • 801.160  Definition of Bicycle Path
  • 801.258  Definition of Electric Assisted Bicycle
  • 801.345  Definition of Moped
  • 801.608 “Vulnerable user of a public way.”

Oregon Revised Statutes Chapter 802

  • 802.325     Bicycle safety program; contents; fees

Oregon Revised Statutes Chapter 803

  • 803.030 and 803.305  Bicycles not generally subject to title and registration requirements.

Oregon Revised Statutes Chapter 807

  • 807.020  A person may operate a bicycle that is not an electric assisted bicycle without any grant of driving privileges.  A person may operate an electric assisted bicycle without a driver license or driver permit if the person is 16 years of age or older.

Oregon Revised Statutes Chapter 811

  • 811.050 Failure to yield to rider on bicycle lane; penalty.
  • 811.055 Failure to yield to bicyclist on sidewalk; penalty.
  • 811.060 Vehicular assault of bicyclist or pedestrian; penalty
  • 811.065 Unsafe passing of person operating bicycle; penalty.
  • 811.395 Appropriate signals for stopping, turning, changing lanes and decelerating (including bicycles)
  • 811.415 Unsafe passing on right; penalty.
  • 811.435 Operation of motor vehicle on bicycle trail; exemptions; penalty.
  • 811.440 When motor vehicles may operate on bicycle lane.
  • 811.490 Improper opening or leaving open of vehicle door; penalty.
  • 811.525 Exemptions from requirements for use of lights.
  • 811.550 Places where stopping, standing and parking prohibited.
  • 811.802 Failure to yield right of way to funeral procession; penalty.

Oregon Revised Statutes Chapter 814

  • 814.400     Application of vehicle laws to bicycles
  • 814.405     Status of electric assisted bicycle
  • 814.410     Unsafe operation of bicycle on sidewalk; penalty
  • 814.420     Failure to use bicycle lane or path; exceptions; penalty
  • 814.430     Improper use of lanes; exceptions; penalty
  • 814.440     Failure to signal turn; exceptions; penalty
  • 814.450     Unlawful load on bicycle; penalty
  • 814.460     Unlawful passengers on bicycle; penalty
  • 814.470     Failure to use bicycle seat; penalty
  • 814.480     Nonmotorized vehicle clinging to another vehicle; penalty
  • 814.484     Meaning of “bicycle” and “operating or riding on a highway
  • 814.485     Failure to wear protective headgear; penalty
  • 814.486     Endangering bicycle operator or passenger; penalty
  • 814.487     Exemptions from protective headgear requirements
  • 814.488     Citations; exemption from requirement to pay fine
  • 814.489     Use of evidence of lack of protective headgear on bicyclist